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    IMPORTANT: If you are under 18 years of age, or if it is illegal to view adult material in your community, please leave now! I can't be held responsible for your actions. Im not acting in any way to send you this information; you are choosing to receive it! Continuing further means that you understand and accept responsibility for your own actions, thus releasing the creators of this web site and our service provider from all liability. I strongly support parental controls on the Internet. These web pages are not intended to be viewed by minors! "I AM NOT A TRANSSEXUAL ESCORT, IF YOUR LOOKING FOR QUICK ANONYMOUS SEX PLEASE BACK CLICK AND LEAVE IMMEDIATELY! YOU'LL FIND A SELECTION OF SEXY GIRLS MANY WITH FAKE PICS THAT CATER TO THAT KIND OF SITUATION, BECAUSE I DON'T! I'M A UPSCALE TRANSSEXUAL MASSAGE THERAPIST, WITH A FREAKY SIDE THAT PLEASES MY GUYS MINDS, BODYS AND SOULS THUR THE ART OF MASSAGE THERAPY AND A AWESOME FREAKY UNBELIVABLE HAPPY-ENDING!" (NO GAMES,NO BAIT, NO CHASER... JUST TRUE EROTIC RELAXING MASSAGE FUN!) ~Mimi *This site contains nudity, and content of a mature nature that may offend some audiences. If you are under the age of 18 years old, or are easily offended by sexual content, please exit now. *This site is all about quality, and targeted for those who seek nothing but the best. If you want a quality massage with a very freaky,sexy twist Please take the time and indulge yourself in a journey of exploration beyond my exterior shell. Where fantasy and imagination becomes reality. As you are about to experiance a massage THAT ONLY LIVE IN THE FREAKY UNTAMED PART OF YOUR BRAIN! *I AM A REAL CERTIFIED MASSAGE THERAPIST WITH A HEALING TOUCH AND A PLEASENT ADDITUDE. IF YOUR NOT LOOKING FOR A QUALITY MASSAGE WITH A WARM EROTIC HAPPYENDING I'M NOT THE MASSEUSE FOR YOU, because I'm all about quality Massages! (PERIOD) ~Mimi *"I cater only to mature clients ONLY, and by mature I mean a state of mind. However, the reality is that maturity commonly corresponds with chronological age. Having said that, I remain aware that there are exceptions to the rule and therefore accommodating requests from younger gentlemen is an exception rather than the rule." ~MimiINTRODUCTION: * MIMI IS A FREAKY MASSEUSE THAT OFFERS MANY DIFFERENT MASSAGE'S FROM "MILD" TO "WILD" and "INBETWEEN"!* TO HELP YOU FROM HAVING A AWKWARD MOMENT ON THE PHONE, AND TO ASSURE YOU WON'T GET HUNGUP ON AND BLACKLISTED................. EXAMPLE of PROPER PHONE ETIQUETTE: MIMI: "Xzotic Touch Massage Parlor", May I help you?. CLIENT: Hi, My I Speak To Mimi? MIMI: Speaking... CLIENT: Hey Mimi, how are you this evening? MIMI: Doing just fine babe, how can I help you? CLIENT: Well I was wondering if you would be available For a massage in the next half hour? MIMI: Ummmm... I dont see why I wouldn't be sweetheart! Where are you located, and you do know I'm a transsexual? CLIENT: Of course I know your a transsexual! That's why I called you because you look like a whole lot of fun, and I only feel comfortble getting a PROSTATE massage by a transsexual, and I'm staying at the Marriott in Newport News, I'm on a business trip. MIMI:: Great, and if you dont mind my asking, did you read my whole website? CLIENT: YES BABY, it looks good and I love your picture that says, "Mimi loves Whitemen"! What massage do you recommend? MIMI: I personally recommend "The Works" so you can get the most out of your visit to my parlor, and when you arrive at my parlor your the only one there with me and all cellphones and other interference from the outside world will be turned off and ignored, So I can cater and be the best I can be for you.... MY HOUR MASSAGE IS AWESOME TOO, it usually runs over time! Call me when your near..... CLIENT: WOW, Ok I sure will!PLEASE REMEMBER: out of respeat for me and my services the client did not ask how much because he read my whole ad, and he knows he is about to get the most freakiest feel good massage he ever had in his life! ..... Thank you for understanding. :-)MIMI'S MISSION 'AND PROMISE TO YOU: (MIMI IS A MASSAGE THERAPIST WITH A "XZOTIC SIDE", SHE GIVE YOU YOUR HARD EARN MONEYS WORTH, BY RUBBING AND TOUCHING YOU IN WAYS MOST ASIANS AND FEMALES WOULD REJECT TOO, MIMI HAVE A VERY PROFESSIONAL SETUP THAT MEETS VIRGINIA IN HOME MASSAGE PARLOR 'REQUIREMENTS. THIS IS TRULY HER!! PASSION!) "THE PRIVACY, HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENJOYMENT ftfOF CLIENTS IS VERY IMPORTANT , I OFFER A VERY UPSCALE IMMACULATE CLEAN PARLOR , SO THAT I CAN CONTINUE TO DO SO, I DEEM THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE I FEEL THAT WILL TAKE AWAY FROM THE ENJOYMENT OF "XZOTIC TOUCH" MASSAGE PARLOR." ~Mimi*PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING SO YOU WILL HAVE A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF MIMI XZOTIC MASSAGE SERVICES. ~XZOTIC TOUCH MASSAGE PARLOR~~BY: TRANSSEXUAL MIMI~ : *REGULAR AND REPEAT CUSTOMERS ROSE DONATIONS ARE ALWAYS MUCH CHEAPER THEN MY ADVERTISE DONATION!!!!**** DONATIONS IS FOR TIME SPENT, NOT SERVICES RENDERED.*** *** $80 HALF HOUR***$100 HOUR *** $120 90MIN. ***$140 "THE WORKS" (2 Hours Of Massaging Fun) *"THE WORKS" IS A VERY EXCITING OFFER WITH NO SET TIME LIMIT, (SESSIONS LAST 2 HOURS), THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES....*HOTSTONE / COLDSTONE MASSAGE (optional) *BODY SCRUB (optional), *HOT OIL BOOTY RUB, *FOOTRUB, *TOUCH AND FEEL MIMI TITTY AND ASS,*PROSTATE MASSAGE (optional)*HAPPY~ENDING! *HOT SHOWER WITH MIMI (optional) CHOOSE WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE WITH YOUR "WORKS MASSAGE" AND LET MIMI KNOW WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU CALL SO SHE CAN BE READY TO TREAT YOU LIKE THE KING YOU ARE, AND BE READY TO CATER TO YOUR EVERY DEMAND AND DESIRE DURING YOUR RELAXING, NO RUSH, NO TIME LIMIT VISIT. *MIMI GIVE YOU YOUR MONEYS WORTH, AND ALLOW YOU TO TOUCH AND FEEL AND PLAY WITH HER BOOBS AND HAPPYENDINGS IS INCULDED WITH ALL SERVICES! MIMI SERVICES TRULY COMPILIMENT HER PRICES F.Y.I, ALSO KNOW......
    mimi757 on 15th September 2014 · hampton roads, virginia· female escorts

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